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Unexpected sounds – Reimagining the Erhu (ft. Ayden Sng)


Unexpected sounds – Reimagining the Erhu (ft. Ayden Sng)

22 March 2020

Free admission

Live streaming from NGS Auditorium

The health and safety of our visitors, programme partners, and staff are of utmost importance to us. In view of the current developments regarding COVID-19, we are making changes to the programmes for the closing weekend of the Singapore Biennale. Enjoy a televised concert by Ayden Sng from the comfort of your home, as the performance will be streamed live.

Enjoy a repertoire of Erhu music by actor & musician Ayden Sng 孙政. Exploring the unconventional genres of this traditional musical instrument, Ayden challenges the audience to revisit their impression of the instrument and its perceived versatility. 

About Ayden Sng
Ayden Sng is a local actor & musician currently managed by Mediacorp. He has starred in Loving You (currently airing on Channel 8 at 9pm on weekdays), Playbook (directed by Bryan Wong), "The Wedding Survival Handbook" and was also involved as supporting cast in shows "Old is Gold" and "Walk with Me". Ayden has played the erhu for about 13 years, holds a Diploma in Erhu Performance and was a finalist in the Erhu (Open Category) for the National Chinese Music Competition 2012. A firm believer that traditional Chinese music can be made accessible and enjoyed by more people, Ayden founded the Asian Music Ensemble while studying at Duke University and introduced Chinese-fusion music to the students at Duke. As an artiste, Ayden hopes to use his platform to share the love of traditional Chinese music and has worked with the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra and Teng Ensemble to help promote Chinese music programming locally.

Image credit: Shot by Jayden Tan