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Singapore Biennale Tour with Edmund Chen (Singapore Biennale 2019)


Singapore Biennale Tour with Edmund Chen (Singapore Biennale 2019)

22 March 2020

Free with registration

Singtel Special Exhibition Galleries, Level 3, National Gallery SIngapore

(Meeting point: Entrance to Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery B)

Join artiste, Edmund Chen, on an artistic exploration of the Singapore Biennale 2019! Learn more about selected artworks through a bilingual tour led by the artiste himself happening exclusively this closing weekend. Tour is recommended for those aged 12 and above. 

About Edmund Chen
Edmund Chen has over 31 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry with over 100 television appearances, appearances in 18 international and local films, 4 stage plays, and 4 solo music albums under his belt.

With a strong passion for drawing since young, Chen has become an accomplished artist in his own right. In addition to designing several SingPost stamps, Chen also held the Guinness World Records and the Singapore Book of Records for the Longest Drawing by an Individual in 2013. 

Chen firmly believes in cultivating a greater sense of sharing, helping one another and doing good deeds for the society and has endorsed various organisations and campaigns across different sectors.