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Memento Stella and Inconsolable Ghost – The Projector

Coordinates Project

Memento Stella and Inconsolable Ghost

12 December 2019
Inconsolable Ghost

13 December 2019
Memento Stella

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The Projector
Golden Mile Tower

6001 Beach Road, #05-00
Singapore 199589

The Projector is proud to collaborate once again with renowned video artist and filmmaker Takashi Makino in presenting his latest, most seminal work – Memento Stella.

An epic, constellational visual masterpiece conceived as a reminder to ‘remember the stars,’ Makino explores the beginnings of all phenomena in the shapeless universal field of primary matter not too different from the birth of stars and planets in the vortexes of space dust. Through frame-rate manipulation, super-imposition and multiple exposures – sometimes with up to 200 layered images at once – underscored by an equally majestic soundtrack, Makino conjures a truly cosmic cinematic experience that will continue to reverberate with viewers long after they leave the cinema.

Accompanying Memento Stella, is the ‘expanded cinema’ experience of Inconsolable Ghost – a multi-disciplinary live presentation featuring Dutch artist Gideon Kiers (computer, electronics), Berlin-based British artist Hilary Jeffery (trombone, electronics) and Takashi Makino (visuals, sounds). Conjuring up a 21st century vision of spiritism through the channelling of energies, atmospheres, ghosts, spirits, thought forms and other entities, Inconsolable Ghost is an occult transmutation of light, sound and film in the creation of supernatural cinema.

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Image courtesy of The Projector