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Eurasia Underground Library – Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons with Dutch Art Institute

Coordinates Project

Eurasia Underground Library

06 – 07 March 2020

Date above is indicative only. Actual event date(s) will be released on this page soon.


Eurasia is a geographic and geopolitical space that transgresses the division of Europe and Asia, unfolding non-Eurocentric historical and contemporary narratives of people’s movements, trades, wars and other encounters. Most popular historical narratives include the Mongolian territorial expansion of the 13th and 14th centuries, or the westward movements by other nomads like Scythians of 5th century BCE or the eastward one by Alexander the Great of 4th century BCE. Within the contemporary context, the most notable is China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), aka the New Silk Road, whereas in the post-Soviet context, Russia revives Eurasianism and Kazakhstan reclaims itself as the heart of Eurasia. In other words, Eurasia is an emergent horizon for polycentric worldviews and new intercontinental connections. On top of this, it invites senses beyond “worldly” views, provoking a geological and geopoetical imagination of a landmass – even further, landmass as an ocean and its relationship with the sea routes – and a never-ending time journey, beyond geopolitical territorial borders and conflicts. Unmapping Eurasia is a framework in which a growing number of artists, curators and other transversal practitioners set out on this imaginative journey, generating various occasions and devices to connect with each other and attempt to form new ethical-aesthetical-political-economical relationships.

‘Eurasia Underground Library’ is a branch of Unmapping Eurasia where the formation and transmission of knowledge upon “unmapping Eurasia” is exercised. It is the library that opens wherever the mutually trained librarians gather and create access for the public to Eurasian knowledge and imagination. It also works as an occasion to recruit and train new librarians.

‘Eurasia Underground Library’ was conceived by the study group (2018/2019) at the Dutch Art Institute in partnership with Casco Art Institute, comprising the participating artists: Sepideh Behrouzian, Matthieu Blond, Giorgos Gripeos, Lukas Malte Hoffmann, Irati Irulegi, Francisco Mojica, Yen Noh, Lea Rüegg, Zoe Scoglio, Duruo Wang, Matthew Wang and the curators Binna Choi and Mi You.

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Unmapping Eurasia is initiated and curated by Binna Choi and Mi You from Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons.

Images courtesy of Eurasia Underground Library