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Artwork Activations & Performances (Opening Weekend) – Chang En-Man


Artwork Activations & Performances – Chang En-Man

23 November 2019

$45 nett
(Limited to 35 pax only)

Telok Ayer Arts Club
2 McCallum Street
Singapore 064043

Snail Paradise – A Gastronomic Experience

This event, 'A Gastronomic Experience' is an extension of the work 'Snail Paradise' by artist Chang En-Man at the Singapore Biennale. The event will begin with a demonstration by the artist on the preparing and wrapping of Cinavu (Taiwanese aboriginal millet dumpling with snails), followed by a reception of canapés prepared by Telok Ayer Arts Club from the artist’s Taiwanese aboriginal recipes and locally-inspired recipes. 

The artist's 'Nusantara Archive' limited edition publication will also be distributed for the first time ever to event attendees. The Nusantara Archive documents En-Man’s writing on snails as food as well as her interviews with local artists on culinary experiences as a part of their personal lives and their art practice.