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another diorama by Hu Yun – National University of Singapore Museum

Coordinates Project

another diorama by Hu Yun

23 March – 23 May 2020

Free admission

NUS Museum Archaeology Library
50 Kent Ridge Crescent
National University of Singapore
Singapore 119279
(65) 6516 8817

Tue to Sat, 10am–6pm

Mon, School and faculty visits, by appointment only

Closed on Sun and public holidays


In ‘another diorama’, artist Hu Yun examines the limits and expansions of working with the sculptures of the late artist Shui Tit Sing by orienting towards available archives and artworks. It is in this exhibition where Hu Yun extends his historiographic interest on everyday cosmologies that are incarnated by the process of woodcarving. This exhibition continues his Singapore Biennale work that reflects on the original 1980s dioramas of Singapore history, inquiring on how the storytelling found in craft tradition becomes present in contemporary practices.

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