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another diorama by Hu Yun – National University of Singapore Museum

Coordinates Project

another diorama by Hu Yun

22 November 2019 – 23 May 2020

Free admission

NUS Museum Archaeology Library
50 Kent Ridge Crescent
National University of Singapore
Singapore 119279
(65) 6516 8817

Tue to Sat, 10am–6pm

Mon, School and faculty visits, by appointment only

Closed on Sun and public holidays


‘another diorama’ is a Coordinates Project presented by the artist Hu Yun that weaves his Biennale project around world-making in dioramas and the historic conjectures of woodcarving as a populist medium in the region. Housed in the Archaeology Library, this project is Hu Yun’s dialogue with the interstices of object and image as he inquires into the limits and possibilities of collaborating with the work of other artists. These works and archives are by émigré artists who practiced woodcarving in Singapore between the 1970s and the 1990s. ‘another diorama’ infers the historiography on everyday cosmology incarnated by woodcarving. Conversing with the sherds in the Archaeology Library, Hu Yun’s installation confronts the making and unmaking of motifs and materials among the trade and cultural life in the region.