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2219: Futures Imagined

Collateral Event

2219: Futures Imagined 

23 March – 05 April 2020

Adults: $19
Concession: $14
Family: $54

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands
6 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018974
(65) 6688 8345

Mon to Sun,


2219: Futures Imagined is a major new exhibition at ArtScience Museum, for the Singapore Bicentennial, which focuses on the future.

The exhibition invites visitors to explore our world as it changes over the next 200 years. It will manifest as a journey into imaginary future worlds featuring over two dozen artists, designers, architects, filmmakers, musicians and theatre companies from Singapore and around the world.

Unfolding over five ‘Acts’, 2219 places visitors in scenarios that prompt reflection and contemplation on our future lives impacted by climate change and loss of the planet’s biodiversity. Resisting the ‘science-fiction future’ of flying cars or the bleak future portrayed in movies,2219 focuses on resilience, and ‘small futures’ – those enduring personal and familial things that are passed down from generation to generation. 2219 investigates these ideas through thought-provoking immersive works that amplify the experience of a future that echoes present day Singapore. 

The show begins in our world as it is likely to be 50 years from now – a future where the environment has been altered due to incremental shifts in our climate. As the exhibition continues, audiences are physically positioned into other possible futures, one of which is in the form of a home much like a HDB flat, where the lived consequences of the changed environment become apparent. The third section of the exhibition explores a possible new subterranean world as we migrate underground.The fourth act is a dramatic immersive installation that aims to evoke a sense of urgency, encouraging us to take steps towards environmental conservation to protect all our futures. The final section showcases how cultures and traditions may change but will persevere, and it is through these collective memories that we will be able to create the links between the past, present and future.

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2219: Futures Imagined is curated by ArtScience Museum, with advisors Annie Jael Kwan (UK based Singaporean curator) and Adriel Luis (Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, USA).

Image courtesy of Marina Bay Sands