b. 1964, Khagaul, India
Lives and works in New Delhi, India

Singapore Biennale 2016 Artists SUBODH GUPTA

Singapore Biennale 2016 Artists SUBODH GUPTA


Cooking the World, 2016

Found aluminium utensils, monofilament line and steel600 cm (diameter)
Collection of the Artist

Gupta’s work draws on the visual culture around him, one that is saturated in an overabundance of images, forms, food and people – mirrored in his avalanche of plates, cups, pails and pots. But unlike his other sculptures made of shiny stainless-steel vessels, Cooking the World is made of used aluminium vessels that are inscribed with personal histories. They refer to the parallel realities in a globalised, consumerist society: surplus and affluence on one hand, dearth and deprivation on the other. The artist’s use of worn-out vessels monumentalises the lives of people who have been marginalised by life and history, while the delicate threads from which each pot hangs lend a sense of fragile temporality to this work. If a breeze were to pass through this gargantuan haloed sphere, one could imagine the smaller pots gently swaying, as though they were particles of stardust threatening to escape from this only-temporary assemblage of a world.