b. 1978, Mumbai, India
Lives and works in Mumbai, India

Singapore Biennale 2016 Artists HEMALI BHUTA

Growing, 2016

Incense sticks, monofilament threads, metal weights, tape, staple pins and hooks
Installation dimensions variable
Collection of the Artist

Made from incense sticks of different fragrances that are strung together and suspended from above, this work is a reaction to and continuation of a previous work, The Shedding (2008). The constant cycle of shedding a growing reflects on ideas of growth, life and death, and the state of ‘in-betweenness’. Growing is also informed by the Buddhist concept of dependent co-origination: human beings are a unique species, yet form part of the larger whole that is Nature; both are subject to the same cycles of birth, growth and death. In this respect, we are like the single incense stick that aspires to be singular and ‘pure’ with its own novel fragrance, yet is also part of a larger perfumed environment. The work also alludes to ideas of tangibility, fragility and temporality. Bhuta’s use of unusual materials reaffirms her interest in the transformative power of vernacular everyday materials and their aesthetically generative possibilities.