b. 1954, Kedah, Malaysia
Lives and works in Rome, Italy and Penang, Malaysia

Singapore Biennale 2016 Artists H.H. LIM

Enter the Parallel World, 2001, 2016

2-channel video
Dimensions variable
Collection of the Artist
Singapore Biennale 2016 commission

This installation comprises two video works. The first, About 60 kilos of wisdom, recalls a favourite saying of Lim’s mother, that wisdom is nothing more than the ability to keep a balanced state. In this video, we see the artist dressed in a dark-coloured suit, balancing on a basketball for an almost unbelievable 30 minutes (the title of the piece refers to how much Lim weighed at the time). The second video, The falling wisdom, represents the moment when this balance is broken: Lim’s fall from the basketball suggests the reality of corporeal limits. The twinned videos – almost identical in scope and presentation – take on new significance within the theme of the Biennale. Enter the Parallel World juxtaposes two diametrically opposed outcomes that quietly, slyly toy with the viewer’s expectations. Despite what seem like simultaneous performances, the actuality is that the process of failure was what led to the achievement of balance.

Production supported by: Infinite Frameworks and Sharp