Trevor Yeung


The Pavilion of Regret, 2022

Singapore Biennale 2022 Commission

The Pavilion of Regret is a site-specific installation that comprises a purpose-built greenhouse pavilion at Yan Kit Playfield. Inspired by Trevor Yeung’s observation of increased demand for and sales of houseplants during the pandemic period, the installation is both a commentary on the relationship between plants and humans (in contrast to the relationship between animal pets and humans) and a platform to facilitate the donation and adoption of unwanted plants. Audiences are invited to donate and/or adopt the plants displayed within the installation.

Trevor Yeung
(b. 1988) is an artist who works with mixed media, including carefully staged objects, animals, and plants functioning as aesthetic pretexts, which delicately and ironically address notions of artificiality and human relations. He consistently excavates the inner logics of closed systems and the way in which such systems contain and create emotional and behavioural conditions. He currently lives and works in Hong Kong.


  • The Pavilion of Regret. 2022. Greenhouse, planter, old clay pots and plants. 500 x 500 x 350 cm