Tan Tarn How and Billy Yong


The Riddle of the Coral Isle, 2022

Authored by Tan Tarn How and illustrated by Billy Yong, the Sengkang Snoopers children’s book series follows the adventures of Lee Su Lin, Su Yang, Bus and Zizi. For the Biennale, the latest edition of the series entitled The Riddle of the Coral Isle is placed at reading spaces across the galleries at Tanjong Pagar Distripark.

Tan Tarn How
is a playwright and children’s novelist with award-winning plays, which have been published by Epigram in Six Plays and Fear of Writing. Tan formerly worked as a teacher, journalist, scriptwriter, policy researcher and arts activist.

Billy Yong is the illustrator and character designer for the Sengkang Snoopers series. He has worked on various children’s books in both Singapore and the United States, with notable clients such as Epigram, Disney/Marvel and Simon & Schuster, amongst many others.


  • The Riddle of the Coral Isle. 2022, Book. Illustrated by Billy Yong. Published by Epigram Books 2022.