Samia Halaby

United States

Kinetic Paintings, 1986-1988
Notes and sketches
, 1975-1991

Kinetic Paintings with Sound is a series of 55 digitally created paintings coded on a Commodore Amiga 1000 with two coding technologies: BASIC (Steps, Mark8, Painting 7, Sound Painting 2, New Lines, Judd 6 197 and Lines 3) and C (Milk, Circles, Flower, Jumps, Land, Nest, Niihau, Rain, Tide and Weavings). Made in the 1980s, these computer-based kinetic artworks explore how new approaches to painting may transform the way we perceive the world. Notably, these works do not replicate existing imagery. The works and imagery were created in entirety by Halaby; each colour and line she used is imbued with specific meaning. Halaby also explores the potential for computer programming as an artistic medium, to reflect reality. The works are accompanied by archival documentation from Halaby’s personal collection and provide a rare glimpse into the creative processes of the abstract painter.

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Samia Halaby
(b. 1936) was 11 when the British Mandate government helped the Zionist movement occupy Palestine and triggered the war that created Israel. As a child, Halaby escaped the conflict with her family, who sought to get away from it temporarily. But their return was prevented (to this day, they are still unable to return). Over the span of several years, the conflict unfolded. Halaby, like most Palestinians, continued to rebuild her life while resisting occupation of both her land and mind. She currently lives and works in New York.



  • Kinetic Paintings. 1986-1988. 55 kinetic paintings, 76 min 13 sec.
  • Notes and sketches. 1975-1991. Archival documentation.