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Scripted Tablets, 2022
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Scripted Tablets is a series of engraved terracotta clay sculptures that explores the relationship between the communication of history and the socio-political environments at the time of its telling. Through this work, Raed Ibrahim retells history by introducing new elements into established narratives. New readings of history are produced through the acts of making and rearranging.

This installation is developed as part of an Artist-In-Residence programme organised in partnership with Darat Al Funun – The Khalid Shoman Foundation. Ibrahim residency in Singapore, occurring from September to November 2022, is made possible with the support of LASALLE College of the Arts. Singapore Biennale 2022 presents projects in a diverse range of formats. Among them, the Biennale’s residency programmes spotlight and facilitate process-based practices; they form a core component of the Biennale’s framework, which is built on the belief that the journey of artmaking is as important as—if not more important than—the final outcome.

Raed Ibrahim
(b. 1971) is an artist who teaches Fine Arts at the University of Jordan. His work involves various mediums and is interested in socially and politically engaged artistic practices, which play out in the ironic intersections between commonly accepted “polarities.” His works often address taboo subjects and can be described as confrontational, provocative and compelling. He currently lives and works in Jordan.


  • Scripted Tablets. 2022. Terracotta clay, Each 15 x x 1.5 cm (set of 45).

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Raed Ibrahim Online Talk
Raed Ibrahim Online Talk
  • Raed Ibrahim

Raed Ibrahim gives an online talk to students from LASALLE College of the Arts as part of his residency programme in Singapore, supported by Darat Al-Funun.

Online ProgrammesFri, 23 Sep 2022 - 02:00 pm