Kanitha Tith


Hut Tep Soda Chan, 2011/2017
Collection of Singapore Art Museum

Someone is moving, 2019-2022
Collection of the artist with new works commissioned by Singapore Biennale 2022

Kanitha Tith presents an installation and a series of sculptures, painting and drawings as part of the Biennale.

Hut Tep Soda Chan (Hut of an Angel) is a mixed media installation that draws its name from a 1968 Khmer film, which tells a love story between a mortal man and an angel. The film’s overarching message conveys that despite being materially impoverished, the poor are rich in happiness andlove. The installation, in turn, reveals that this condition is true to the realities of Tith and her neighbours. The artwork comprises everyday objects and personal belongings contributed by Tith’s neighbours. The installation also plays a role in documenting the effects of economic and social change in modern-day Cambodia.

Someone is moving is a series of wire sculptures, painting and drawings. Tith’s woven sculptures are made of thin steel wire that are hand-woven without any predetermined design. Each of these sculptures gradually comes into a final shape and toggles between figurative and abstract forms. This long, manual process of coiling the wire and creating shape enables a process of constant questioning and adjusting. Accompanying the wire sculptures is a series of watercolour drawings.

Kanitha Tith
(b. 1987) is a cross-disciplinary artist working between the visual arts in sculpture, performance and installation as well as a director and artistic director in Cambodia’s independent film industry, Graduating with a degree in interior design, Tith later shifted to the visual arts after discovering the sense of freedom that comes from using daily objects to construct installations. Her works focus on the personal experiences, collective memory and her surrounding environment. She currently lives and works in Phnom Penh.


  • Hut Tep Soda Chan. 2011/2017. Mixed media installation. Approx. 250 × 300 × 300 cm.
  • Someone is moving. 2019-2022. 11 steel wire sculptures, watercolour drawings, pencil drawings, scribbles and notes. Dimensions variable.