Ext.Asi: Archive, 2022

Singapore Biennale 2022 Commission

Ext.Asi Archive is a multimedia installation that explores the circulation of data through information systems. The installation focuses on the theme of discovery by re-visiting, re-reading and re-developing two previous online festivals, Extended.Asia: Asian New Generation (2020) and Extended.Asia: Satellite (2021), previously organised by Extended Asia. With the aim to create a sustainable ecosystem of communities between Indonesia and Singapore, the installation experiments with the use of live virtual performances and hybrid collaborations. This installation is a continuation of Impssblprjct: Affirming the Crisis, organised by the Cemeti Institute for Art and Society in 2021.

is a platform run by four artists (Andang Kelana, Aditya F.H., Theo Nugraha and Nissal Nur Afryansah) who work remotely from each other. It serves as an online terminal that brings together audio-visual content by artists from various regions in Asia and facilitates collaboration across genres. Emerging out of the current digital/internet era, the platform is designed as a discursive site, artistic channel and space for artistic practice and presentation.


  • Ext.Asi: Archive. 2022. Acrylic and aerosol paintings on canvas; Video, single channel, sound. Dimensions variable.