Daniel Lie


Micro/Macro, 2020
After the arrival of the prophecy, 2021
Dife and Leath, 2021
Matriarch's Enigma, 2021
Busuk, 2021
Rombo, 2020
Scales of Decay, 2020
Collection of the artist. Courtesy of Barbara Wien gallery & art bookshop.

Daniel Lie presents a series of works as part of the Biennale that explores the boundaries of life and death, centering on time as a pillar of reflection. Presented works engage with materials that are inherently ephemeral and transitory, such as decaying matter, growing plants, fungi and the body. Scales of Decay, for example, is a large-format multimedia work on paper that depicts a bowl of decomposing fruit exploded across the picture plane. The artwork is characterised by dynamism, incompleteness and a flurry of gesture and movement, clearly departing from traditional still-life painting. Similarly, Micro/Macro is a representation of objects rotting in a studio.

For Singapore Biennale 2022, Lie will also be conducting a research in Singapore for a month to develop a mixed media installation using organic matter. To Lie, the decaying of organic matter expresses the theme of transition between life and death. This installation is on display at No. 22 Orchard Road.

Daniel Lie
(b. 1988) is a transgender Indonesian-Pernambucano artist who was born in Sao Paulo. Lie’s practice broadly explores the scientific, spiritual and philosophical elements of death. Through their work, they seek to understand the multilayered relationship with various forms of life and recognise their inherent importance. They currently live and work in Berlin.


  • Micro/Macro. 2020. Watercolour, oil stick and soft pastel on paper. 215 x 150 cm.
  • After the arrival of the prophecy. 2021. Charcoal, watercolour, oil stick and soft pastel on paper. 160 x 150 cm.
  • Dife and Leath. 2021. Turmeric, linseed gel, linseeds, charcoal, oil stick, watercolour and soft paster on paper. 300 x 350 cm.
  • Matriarch's Enigma. 2021. Ink, oil stick and soft paster on paper. 310 x 150 cm.
  • Busuk. 2021. Watercolour and soft pastel on paper. 85 x 75 cm.
  • Rombo. 2020. Watercolour, oil stick and soft pastel on paper. 165 x 150 cm.
  • Scales of Decay. 2020. Charcoal, watercolour and soft pastel on paper. 165 x 200 cm.