Cevdet Erek


Bergama Stereo in Singapore, 2022

Collection of the artist

Bergama Stereo in Singapore produced for Natasha, is the new iteration of a series of installations that references the Great Altar of Pergamon. It reinterprets the historically attributed function, form and ongoing reception of the Pergamon Altar, now partly located in Berlin. The original version Bergama Stereo was first presented in Germany at Turbinenhalle as part of the Ruhrtriennale in Bochum (2019) and then in the historical hall of Hamburger Bahnhof Museum in Berlin (1945–1965) with an accompanying performance programme. The work was reinterpreted for Arter in Istanbul and turned into a new version called Bergama Stereotip (2020). A variation of the work Bergama Stereotip was presented in the Pergamon ancient city as a part of Bergama Theater Festival (2021), where Cevdet Erek pieced together and rearranged parts of the Istanbul version with the remains of the original altar. The latest iteration, Bergama Stereo in Singapore (2022), features a portion of Bergama Stereo with the aim of drawing attention to the journey and transformation of the work and of the Great Altar.


Cevdet Erek (b. 1974) is an Istanbul-based artist and musician with a background in architecture, sound engineering and performing in the band Nekropsi. Contemplating and exploring rhythms, his work produces intense bodily experiences and establishes provocative correlations between different temporalities and histories, forms and languages. In 2011, Erek received his doctorate in Music from the Istanbul Technical University MIAM. In 2012, he received the Nam June Paik Award. He currently lives and works in Istanbul.


  • Bergama Stereo in Singapore. 2022. Loudspeakers, amplifiers, computer, audio interface, wood, metal, molton curtain, 13-channel sound