Brian Fuata

New Zealand, Australia

Untitled (Intermission), 2022
An occupation of performance - a suite of structured improvisations

Untitled (Intermission) is a series of structured improvisations comprising spoken word, vocalised sounds and movements, and is a continuation of Brian Fuata’s previous work entitled Intermission (first staged at the ANTI Festival in Finland). This performance, staged during the opening week of the Biennale, is grounded by the kinesthetic practice of BodyWeather. BodyWeather is a philosophical approach to performance founded in the early 1980s by Japanese dancer Min Tanaka. This approach conceives the body not as a stable unitary subject, but a changing and complex system of forces, like the weather. This performance is also framed by the concept of autophagy, a metabolic process of renewal by removing old components, in which each successive performance builds upon and deletes components from the previous iteration.

Brian Fuata
(b. 1978) works in performance through live and mediated forms. He employs various modes of presentation within the framework of structured improvisation. In Fuata’s works, the act of viewing is a reciprocal= action between artist and audience and between members of the audience. He is one half of Wrong Solo, a performance collaboration with artist Agatha Gothe-Snape. Fuata currently lives and works in Australia.


  • Untitled (Intermission). 2022. An occupation of performance - a suite of structured improvisations