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The Mamitua Saber Project

Bakudapan Food Study Group, •• PROPAGANDA DEPARTMENT, Mark Sanchez

The Mamitua Saber Project, 2019

Para-curatorial project with artistic mediations and archival display by Bakudapan Food Study Group, •• PROPAGANDA DEPARTMENT and Mark Sanchez
Collection of the Artists
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

Moro Moro, 2019

Bakudapan Food Study Group
In collaboration with Prihatmoko Moki and Piring Tirbing
Mixed media installation: maps, drawings, artefacts with scent, and video
Dimensions variable
Collection of the Artists
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

Etc., Etc., No. 3: About to, thereafter, 2019

Kinetic installation: mechanically manipulated air, printed matter and audio
Dimensions variable; various durations
Collection of the Artists
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

From Where Labor Blooms, 2019

Mark Sanchez
Mixed media installation: diagrams, data, documents and videos
Various dimensions
Collection of the Artist
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

The Mamitua Saber Project takes off from the work of Dr Mamitua Saber (1921–1992). A sociologist, institution-builder, cultural worker and educator, Saber was instrumental in developing Mindanao’s cultural and civic life. Under the para-curatorial framework of The Mamitua Saber Project, three artistic projects have been commissioned for SB2019 which draw upon, translate and deepen Saber’s ideas, theories and practice.

The Bakudapan Food Study Group is an interdisciplinary all-female group that focuses on food as a means to examine issues such as migration, displacement and the formation of cultural minorities. Their new commission utilises Saber’s autobiographical field work, studying the Indonesian island of Morotai’s food culture.

•• PROPAGANDA DEPARTMENT is an anonymous collective that inquires into the textual space. Their new commission looks at the roles of women and language across borders, trading hubs and other cross-cultural transactions, with a focus on northern Vietnam and the southern Guangxi province in China.

Mark Sanchez deals with the accumulation, classification and inventory of images and information in his practice. His new commission concentrates on the figure of a peasant leader superimposed onto a diagram by Saber, activating the notion of labour as a ‘living entity.’


Etc., Etc., No. 3: About to, thereafter
Production supported by: HB Station (Guangzhou)

From Where Labor Blooms
Production supported by: National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) 
and Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda

Dr Mamitua Saber (1921–1992) was a sociologist, institution-builder, cultural worker and educator, and led the development of cultural and civic life in Mindanao. Saber facilitated exchanges amongst the majority and minority populations, between Manila and Mindanao, and across non-metropolitan areas in the region. He highlighted the preservation and cultivation of Moro culture, the promotion of intersociety dialogues and the meaningful integration of local and traditional values within national and international frameworks. Born in Marawi City, the Philippines, Saber lived and worked in Manila and Marawi, the Philippines. 

The Bakudapan Food Study Group (est. 2015, Yogyakarta, Indonesia) is an interdisciplinary study group focusing on food. The name Bakudapan originated from the Manadonese words ‘bakudapa’ (to meet) and ‘kudapan’ (meals). Therefore, Bakudapan means ‘to meet’ while ‘snacking.’ They believe food can be an instrument to understand social, political, cultural, and economic issues that takes place within a society. Their projects explore ingredients, cooking and food history, and use food as an instrument for discussing broad issues, including politics, gender, economics, philosophy, art and culture. They live and work in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

•• PROPAGANDA DEPARTMENT (est. 2017, Beijing, China) is an inquiry into textual space, an ongoing assemblage of ‘hearsay’ manifest in print form. “••” may be pronounced diăn diăn, or dim2 dim2, or dot dot, etc., etc., depending upon the common attribution for the symbol in your preferred language. The collective has undertaken a series of publicly distributed broadsheets known as the ‘Etc., Etc.,’ catalogue, and their works have appeared in art spaces and on street corners in equal measure.

Mark Sanchez’s (b. 1987, Manila, the Philippines) works deal with the accumulation, inventory and classification of objects, images and/or information. It is through these processes that he creates representations of systems upon which identities and values are formed. Previous solo projects include ‘In a Maintained State of Being a Few Seconds Away from an Inevitable Breakdown’ (2016), and in ‘OK. Pangan – OK. Video Indonesia Media Arts Festival’ (2017). His main advocacies involve the advancement of the rights and welfare of cultural workers and peasants. Sanchez also works as a freelance writer. He lives and works in Quezon City, the Philippines.