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Soyung Lee

b. 1974, Seoul, South Korea
Lives and works in Seoul, South Korea

Gooseberry Project, 2009–2019

7 works
Various media
Dimensions variable; video duration 13:33 mins
Collection of the Artist
Loans and Singapore Biennale 2019 commissions

Soyung Lee’s works take shape around issues of immigration, settlement and residence and how these concerns play out in the daily dilemmas that people experience. For SB2019, Lee presents three stages of the video Gooseberry that speculate on the breakdown of a civilisation and the decimation of a species. Filmed mainly in three locations – Shanghai, Seoul and Singapore – Gooseberry portrays the rapid development and constant change of these large-scale cities. Alongside the video, Lee presents an installation involving drawings, ceramic panels, objects and threads (in some parts knitted) connecting the objects, all gathering to evoke a cityscape.


Soyung Lee (b. 1974, Seoul, South Korea) is interested in the ways in which a regional culture and its way of living relate to an individual’s history, internal conflicts and sensibilities. Since 2011, she has worked on a research-based project entitled ‘THE FUTURE IS COMING FROM ALL DIRECTIONS,’ a Eurasia Korean Diaspora project. Through this work, the artist attempts to explore the issues of immigration, settlement and residence in the daily dilemmas that individuals experience. Her solo exhibitions ‘Doubtful Nest’ at BOAN1942 (Seoul, 2015) and ‘Displaced’ at Videotage (Hong Kong, 2016) have dealt with this subject. She lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.