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est. 2007, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Bukit Brown Index #132: Triptych of the Unseen, 2018

Wayang stage, chairs, cardboard virtual reality (VR) goggles and archival materials in joss paper construction
550 x 400 x 244 cm; duration 8:27 mins (‘Ghost’), 6:51 mins (‘Bureaucrat’), 9:43 mins (‘Activist’)
Collection of the Artists

Bukit Brown Index #132: Triptych of the Unseen is a large-scale installation encompassing a stage, a three-part video performance and an archival collection of the 2011–2014 campaign to save the Bukit Brown Cemetery. At a stage resembling those that host live performances – known locally as wayang, which are typically seen during the Hungry Ghost Festival – the audience joins spectral spectators to watch a performance by three characters (‘Ghost,’ ‘Activist’ and ‘Bureaucrat’), through makeshift cardboard goggles. Each character’s performance reveals a unique – necessarily complex and layered – perspective, embroiled in its own existential crisis but perpetually entangled with one another, about a struggle for space in the city.


Images courtesy of the Artists

Post-Museum (est. 2007, Singapore) is a collective co-founded by Jennifer Teo and Woon Tien Wei. Their work examines urban contemporary life and explores how inhabitants can critically and actively engage with the city as more than a mere place. Until 2011, Post-Museum operated an eponymous independent space which hosted artistic and socio-cultural projects, workshops and exchanges. Currently nomadic, their practice is rooted in curatorial, social and spatial concerns, and similarly, takes different forms from installations to events and research, and extends to social practice. Post-Museum has exhibited locally and abroad, including in Japan, China, South Korea and Malaysia, amongst others. They live and work in Singapore.