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Petros Moris

b. 1986, Lamia, Greece
Lives and works in Athens, Greece

Nature of Translation (to Theresa), 2019

Sculptural installation: marble, copper-electroplated PLA, gold-plated copper and spray paint
Dimensions variable
Collection of the Artist
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s posthumous book ‘Dictée’(1982) serves as the conceptual backdrop for Petros Moris’ sculptural installation, Nature of Translation (to Theresa). In the pages of ‘Dictée,’ Moris identified sets of questions revolving around the relationship between the body and language, nature and civilisation, personal and collective trauma, belonging and displacement, identity and gender, that he recomposed in his sculpture. Using marble from different parts of Greece, Moris brings to life specific forms inspired by details in the publication, such as body parts like hands, hair and eyes; flowers and plants like lilies, lavender and chrysanthemums, or the forms of garments and the folds of clothes.


Petros Moris(b. 1986, Lamia, Greece) engages with digital culture, combined with a practical interest in materials and handcrafting techniques. Core to his work is an interest in the dynamic relationship between memory and progress. He examines this conceptual configuration via a poetic reading of the intersections between the material and cultural stratifications that constitute the human, technological and cognitive environment. His research is undertaken through the creation of sculptural installations and artistic writing, and via artistic, curatorial and publication-oriented collaborations. His solo presentations include shows atProject Native Informant (London), DUVE (Berlin) and Point Centre for Contemporary Art (Cyprus). He lives and works in Athens, Greece.