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Nabilah Nordin

b. 1990, Singapore
Lives and works in Sydney, Australia

An Obstacle in Every Direction, 2019

Multi-media installation Dimensions variable Collection of the Artist Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

Obstacle courses are usually physically challenging structures set to test an individual or a team under fixed conditions. In An Obstacle in Every Direction, the artist invites the visitor to enter an obstacle course made up of found objects that appear precariously placed. It is an obstacle course with no set rules, both conceptually and formally. Instead, Nabilah Nordin encourages visitors to spend time exploring the different possible routes and enjoy the textures of the ‘obstacles’ placed in their way. Inspired by the notion of failure, Nabilah’s obstacle course asks visitors to open themselves to experiencing the many routes that might go somewhere, nowhere or everywhere.


Nabilah Nordin (b. 1990, Singapore) creates large-scale sculptural installations by assembling various found objects and construction materials. Employing a haptic approach to making, Nabilah’s works are autobiographical yet playful in nature, binding together concrete, plaster, paint and metal to create abstract figurative forms. Recent presentations include: the inaugural visual arts festival ‘DISINI’ (Singapore, 2018), ‘Stop Peeping’ (Sydney, 2018) and ‘The World Precedes the Eye’ at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (2014). She lives in Sydney, Australia and works in Australia and Singapore.