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muf architecture/art

est. 2004, London, UK
Live and work in London, UK

Absentee Landlords, 2019

In collaboration with Collage Arts and Objectif
Video and seat with cushions made by Studio 306
Dimensions variable
Duration 10:00 mins
Collection of the Artists
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

The work’s starting point lies in Wood Green, a North London neighbourhood identified for increased housing density to meet the city’s targets. To fund its social housing, a percentage of the homes built there will be sold at global property fairs that target affluent buyers. muf architecture/art – motivated by their mantra, “access is a gorgeous norm” – worked in collaboration with Collage Arts and Objectif, and engaged with local youths in Wood Green to explore the public social life on the street. Absentee Landlords unpacks the ties and tensions between ‘home’ and the housing market by asking, “who belongs in a place and who doesn’t?”


muf architecture/art (est. 1994, London, UK) is a specialist in public architecture and art. muf has established a reputation for pioneering and innovative projects that address social, spatial and economic infrastructure. With the aim of exploring the potential pleasures that exist at the intersection of the lived and the built environment, their projects have been featured at the Victoria and Albert Museum (London, 2015), Venice Architecture Biennale (2010) and Tate Britain (London, 2008 and 2002). They live and work in London, UK.