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Lawrence Lek

b. 1982, Frankfurt, Germany
Lives and works in London, UK

2065 (Singapore Centennial Edition), 2019

Multi-media site-specific installation
Dimensions variable
Courtesy of the Artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

The Asian Civilisations Museum becomes the location for a para-fiction modelled by Lawrence Lek: set in the year 2065, the Farsight Corporation presents its latest video game. In a space dense with layers of history and artefacts, Lek blurs the distinction between physical architecture and the virtual space. In 2065 (Singapore Centennial Edition), the artist creates a game-space where visitors enter a not-so-distant future of Singapore and Southeast Asia. Blurring the boundaries of art and entertainment, the game brings together the structure of a historical museum, the elements of a place many call home, with the unknowns of an imagined future, in order to de-situate and re-position the visitors/players within their own parallel worlds.


Images courtesy of the Artist and Sadie Coles HQ, London

Lawrence Lek (b. 1982, Frankfurt, Germany) is an artist, filmmaker and musician working in the fields of virtual reality and simulation. Lek creates site-specific virtual worlds and speculative films using game software, 3D animation, installations and performance. He uses computer-generated imagery and interactive software to develop digital environments he describes as “three-dimensional collages of found objects and situations.” Recent projects include ‘AIDOL’ at Sadie Coles HQ (London, 2019), ‘AI: More than Human’ at the Barbican (London, 2019) and ‘Nøtel’ at Stroom Den Haag (The Hague, 2018). Lek received the 2017 Jerwood/FVU Award. He lives and works in London, UK.