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Kray Chen

b. 1987, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

5 Rehearsals of a Wedding, 2017

Single-channel video
Duration 29:00 mins
Collection of the Artist

The wedding ceremony – civil and or religious – is an important moment in the lives of many couples, one that publicly signals the start of their married lives. 5 Rehearsals of a Wedding plays out as a performance of five ceremonies observed on a typical Singapore-Chinese wedding day. In the video, the groom (played by Kray Chen) undertakes rehearsals of a wedding day with the aid of four friends but – absent a bride – he is the lone protagonist. By rehearsing the rituals and ceremonies, Chen ruminates on the concept of the wedding as a performative gesture, one that reflects on personal anxieties and the pressures of societal expectations.


Images courtesy of the Artist

Kray Chen (b.1987, Singapore) ​deals largely with the socialised and lived experience and body politics, reflecting on the body and the self within the economic machine. Working across photography and video art, he observes the fissures and ruptures of the psyche. Chen has exhibited in solo and group shows locally and abroad, including the Bangkok Art Biennale (2018), NTU Centre of Contemporary Art (Singapore, 2017) and Frac des Pays de la Loire (France, 2015), amongst others. He was the recipient of the Young Artist Award in 2017. He lives and works in Singapore.