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Khairullah Rahim

b. 1987, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Intimate Apparitions, 2019

Mixed media installation
Dimensions variable
Collection of the Artist
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

In collaboration with Taufiq Rahman Intimate Apparitions (sightings), 2019

Photographic vinyl print
Various dimensions
Collection of the Artist
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

What does it mean to regard a place as ‘public’ or ‘private’? Are there types of activities that are restricted to these places, and if so, what constitutes their distinctions? Intimate Apparitions comprises commonplace objects that have been recomposed into something less familiar. Through these assemblages, Khairullah Rahim looks at a range of public and private spaces, such as the open field, gazebo, exercise corner and bedroom. In doing so, he explores the adaptability and dual nature of these areas by the individuals or groups that use them. Concurrently, he considers how such spaces are imbued with powerful symbolic connotations when used by certain minority or non-mainstream communities.


Khairullah Rahim (b. 1987, Singapore) is a multimedia artist who works primarily in assemblage. He creates work that responds to the psychogeography of commons and forms contextual analogies in relation to narratives from marginalised communities whose lives do not subscribe to the prescribed ‘norms’ in society. Khairullah has exhibited in Japan, Turkey, Hong Kong and Singapore, where his work is collected by the Singapore Art Museum. In 2018, he was an Artist-in-Residence at Salzburger Kunstverin, Austria. He lives and works in Singapore.