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Karolina Breguła

b. 1979, Katowice, Poland
Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland and Tainan, Taiwan

Square, 2018

9-channel video and mixed media installation
Duration 1:12:00 mins
Collection of the Artist

Square takes the viewer to a peaceful Taiwanese town where the lives of the townspeople have become disrupted by a mysterious object hidden amongst the bushes in the communal square. At first the object just hums, but later, it emits a mesmerising sound. Though ambiguous, the impression given is that the object is a sculpture imbued with an attractive voice, one that eventually sings, “I’d like to ask you a question.” The townspeople become unsettled by this question, and complaints and anger replace the once-joyous encounter. The viewers are left with questions: what is really hidden behind the bushes and does the community have a secret to hide?


Image courtesy of lokal_30 Gallery and Fotoaura Institute of Photography

Karolina Breguła (b. 1979, Katowice, Poland) is an artist working in the fields of film, photography, installation and happenings. Her work explores the problems of the status of the artwork, the materiality of art objects and how artworks function within institutional frameworks. Breguła encourages viewers to actively participate in the process and many of her works are made using participatory methods. Her works have been exhibited at Zachęta National Gallery of Art (Warsaw), Jewish Museum (New York) and the Venice Biennale. She received the Views 2013 – Deutsche Bank Award, the third prize in the 2007 Samsung Art Master competition. She lives and works in Warsaw, Poland and Tainan, Taiwan.