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Juliana Yasin

1970–2014, Singapore

Tali Timba, 2009

Music album
Duration 23:26 mins
Collection of the Juliana Yasin Estate

For Peace and Togetherness: Tantejules dan Pemuda Inisiatif, 2010

Music album
Duration 25:22 mins
Collection of the Juliana Yasin Estate
In collaboration with Jatiwangi Art Factory

Juliana Yasin’s artistic repertoire spans painting, installation, video and performance, strongly complemented by pedagogy and research. A female artist of Muslim faith and of Chinese-Malay descent, she was also keenly interested in questions of subjectivity and community practices. By way of the latter, the Jatiwangi Art Factory in West Java became important to her practice and her second home. Her work for the Biennale comprises music from two of her projects at Jatiwangi. One album, For Peace and Togetherness, consists of seven songs in English and Bahasa Indonesia “promoting and celebrating peace, love, and solidarity.” The second album, Tali Timba, is from Juliana’s exhibition in Jatiwangi in 2009.


Juliana Yasin (1970–2014) studied at the LASALLE College of the Arts and obtained a BA from the Curtin University of Technology, Perth, in 1996. She was an active member of the Singapore art collectives, The Artists Village and Plastique Kinetic Worms (PKW), where she also curated shows. She curated the Jatiwangi Art Festival in Java with artist Heru Hikayat in 2008. Aside from presenting work in local exhibitions, such as the landmark ‘Berita Harian,’ Juliana participated in international exhibitions, such as ‘Situation’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney, 2005), Gwangju Biennale, as part of PKW (2002) and the Bangkok Performance Art Festival (2000 and 2002).