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Amanda Heng

b. 1951, Singapore
Lives and works in Singapore

Every Step Counts, 2019

Multi-disciplinary project: workshop, text work in public space, archival footage, video projection and live performance
Dimensions variable
Collection of the Artist
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission

Every Step Counts is exhibited at Singapore Art Museum on the hoarding, as well as Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. This work also comprises a series of performances. Please see here for more details.

Amanda Heng invites participation and intimate conversations in her performative works. Often, she harnesses everyday situations to explore issues like the complexities of labour or the politics of gender. For her project in this Biennale, Heng revisits her ‘Let’s Walk’ series, first performed in 1999. Drawing upon the act of walking, the artist moves forward, looks back, turns inward and ventures outward with others. In this piece, she returns to the seminal scene of the walk and facilitates a workshop with people who chart their own routes of walking, and with whom she walks. In so doing, she generates reflections and perspectives, as well as comes to terms with the limits and stamina of the aging body.


Images courtesy of the Artist and Denise Yap

Amanda Heng (b. 1951, Singapore) received a printmaking diploma from the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore and a BA from the University of the Arts London. Heng was conferred the prestigious Cultural Medallion for Visual Arts in 2010, and has exhibited widely. Selected exhibitions include: ‘Ties of History: Art in Southeast Asia’ at Vargas Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Manila, and Yuchengco Museum (Manila, the Philippines, 2018), and a retrospective, ‘Speak To Me, Walk With Me’ at Singapore Art Museum (2012). Heng’s ‘Let’s Walk’ series was also chosen as a conceptual anchor for the 14th edition of the Singapore Fringe Festival in 2018. She lives and works in Singapore.